Hello Fullview family,

We know that God is blessing us at Fullview and there is so much excitement in the air about what God is doing and going to do at The View. So, today I wanted to reach out to each and every Fullview member to let you know more about the Fullview-Carter G. Woodson Academy. I know some of you may have heard my presentation about this academy, but many of you have not, and I’m wanting to present to you what our mission, goals and objective are for this academy.

There are so many challenging educational disparities.

Far example: One critical statistic shows us that African American students are less likely than white students to have access to college-ready courses. In fact, in 2011-12, only 57 percent of black students have access to a full range of math and science courses necessary far college readiness, compared to with 81 percent of Asian American students and 71 percent of white students.

There are so many other statistics which validates this a much needed resource in our church and community. So, our mission is ‘to educate, empower and elevate the lives of young people and their families; so they can achieve college and career success and fulfill generational visions.”

My educational background and experiences along with God’s vision ensures us that we must take a step in empowering the lives of our young people and their families at The View.

There has been a team assigned to research, brainstorm, critique and write curriculum for our vision and to find monetary outlets that we need. My purpose in writing you is to solicit your help.

Think to yourselves, do you have some connections of creative educational opportunities, or you want to assist in funding, or maybe you have some resources that will help us meet our mission goals and objectives. We are starting with a tutoring program which kicks off on March 22, 2023.

Can you help? If God places it on your heart to do something for this Christian Academy, please click here or scan the QR code below.

God Bless you – and God Keep you – and We’ll see you at the View in-person or online!

Reverend Dr. Jonathan McReynolds, Sr. Pastor