1. Is Fullview a member or planning to be a member of the NBCA?
    1. Fullview is not a member of the NBCA and we are not planning to be a member without the support and concurrence of our membership.
  2. If we are not a member of NBCA, why are we hosting?
    1. After learning that the NBCA wanted to convene a meeting in the Bartlett/Memphis area, Pastor McReynolds eagerly offered our facilities. The NBCA has a wealth of resources to be made available to our leaders and members. In addition, this type of gathering in our area will have a significant economic impact.
  3. Is Fullview being paid or charging fees to host this meeting?
    1. No, our church will receive an honorarium for hosting this meeting. In addition, our leaders and members will be able to take advantage of the training and professional development activities at no charge.

If you have other questions or concerns, please direct them to Pastor McReynolds, he welcomes your inquiries regarding this event.