Fullview Missionary Baptist Church is equipping saints for service. We are meeting this mission through our various evangelism, discipleship, service, education and support ministries.

Our objective involves the administration and coordination of programs or strategies for orientation to the church body, and to facilitate the spiritual growth or discipleship of believers into Christ-likeness. These ministries focus on educating the members through Bible Study, Sunday school and daily Bible reading.

How to Join the Ministry:
Individuals who are interested in teaching should obtain a Christian Education Teacher Interest Form from:
Sunday School – Michael Henry or Vickie Barbee
Youth Bible Study – Sherry Wilson

Contact the Christian Education Ministry for information .

Meeting Information/Times & Where:
The Christian Education Ministry meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 9am at Fullview.

Ministry Leaders’ Contact Info:
Michael Henry –
Vickie Barbee –
Sherry Wilson –


To train the children about God’s love, His word, and commitment so that they develop a personal relationship with God through Christ.

Using creative arts, the Children’s Church Staff teach children to lead worship service each Sunday. Children learn praise and worship with songs, prayer, skits, praise dance, animated Bible videos, puppet shows, and weekly memory verses.

Ministry Team Leaders: Vickie Barbee


To empower students and young adults to achieve their college and career goals.

Our church has a large number of educators and professionals to mentor and assist students in attaining their goals.  This ministry helps those pursuing a college education, professional certification, an advance degree, or advancement in the business world to network and learn from the educational and career experiences of other members.

How to Join the Ministry:
All graduating seniors are welcomed and encouraged to join . Each member is given a deadline to complete them.

The College & Career Ministry meet quarterly. Each student is given a deadline to meet prior to graduation.

Ministry Leaders:
Kadel Macklin

Sunday School This Week
We will have Sunday school lessons weekly so members can review in advance their lessons.

How to Join the Ministry:
Speak to Sunday school superintendent and meet teaching requirements.

Meeting Information/Times & Where:
After morning worship every Sunday.

Ministry Leaders Contact Info:
Full-view Missionary Baptist Sunday School leadership.